TweetShot 4.9.1 Cracked for macOS

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TweetShot, Tweet at ultra-speed!! For those who want to tweet quickly while working… TweetShot is a utility app on the menubar. This app makes it possible to Tweet at ultra-speed with a shortcut. Note: The developer may end support for older macOS without notice.

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Size: 3.1 MB

  • macOS 10.15 or later.

  • You can set your favorite keyboard shortcut and start-up in a moment.
  • You can post a Tweet by pressing command + return.
  • You can close the Tweet Window by pressing the escape key.
  • You can attach a total of 4 images (PNG or JPEG) to the Tweet.
  • You can attach just one animated GIF to the Tweet.
  • You can attach just one video (MP4 or MOV) to the Tweet.
  • You can reply to your last tweet.
  • You can update the information on accounts in Preferences.

TweetShot TweetShot Mac

  • Added margins to the top and bottom of the text field.
  • Fixed a missing slider knob in General Preferences.
  • Other minor maintenance.


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