Proxyman Premium 5.5.0 Cracked for macOS

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Proxyman is a modern and intuitive HTTP Debugging Proxy app. Don’t let cumbersome web debugging tools hold you back. With Proxyman’s native macOS app, you can capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP(s) traffic with ease.

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Proxyman Premium




Size: 23.6 MB

  • macOS 10.15 or later

Basic Features
  • Inspect HTTP/HTTPS traffic in plain text
  • SSL Proxying
  • Proxying on iOS Devices, iOS Simulator and Android
  • Export Requests/ Responses
  • Content Filter
  • Body Syntax Highlighting
  • JSON/ Tree View Format
  • Horizontal/Vertical Layout
  • Finder Categorize
  • Multiple Tabs
  • Custom Previewer Tabs
  • Custom Header Columns
  • Highlight with Color & Add Comment
  • MessagePack Body Previewer
  • JSONPath Filter
  • Customize Toolbar

SSL Proxying
Proxyman acts as a man-in-the-middle server that capture the traffic between your applications and SSL Web Server. With built-in macOS setup, so you can inspect your HTTP/HTTPS Request and Responses in plain text with just one click.

Multiple Filters
Narrow down your search with Proxyman’s Multiple Filters. You can combine complex filtered criteria like Protocol, Content-Type, URL, Request Header, Response Header, Body, etc that find exact what you’re looking for.

GraphQL Debugging
Easily debug GraphQL Request by defining a matching rule with a particular GraphQL QueryName. Works with Breakpoint, Map Local, Map Remote, and Scripting Tool.

Scripting Tool
Breakpoint, Map local GUI is so slow?
Try Scripting Tool: Use jаvascript code to manipulate the Request/Response with your own logic.

We provide a handful of Snippet Code, common Add-ons and JS Libraries to facilitate your debugging procedure and make it 100x faster.

Breakpoint Tool
Breakpoint Tool helps you to modify Requests/Responses Data on the fly without changing any client code. Supports URL, Headers, Body, Status Code, Raw Message, etc.

Map Local Tool
Map Local Tool allows developers to mock a Response with a local file. Boost development speed up by directly modifying the response with Status Code, Header, and Body without waiting for the backend.

Spot your bugs with ease
Quickly find the differences between requests/responses with built-in Diff Tool

Zero-Setup for Backend Developments
One-click to inspect HTTP(s) traffic from NodeJS, Ruby, and Python

Support Popular Network Libraries

  • NodeJS – axios, fetch (v18+), node-fetch, got,https, and superagent.
  • Ruby -http, net/http, net/https,httparty, and faraday.
  • Python – request, aiohttp,http.client, urllib3, andhttpx.
  • Other – cURL,httpie, ElectronJS.
Advanced Features
  • Proxy Helper Tool
  • Map Local (File/Directory)
  • Map Remote
  • Breakpoint
  • No Caching
  • Repeat Requests
  • Compose Requests
  • WebSocket Debugging
  • Save Session
  • Block List
  • Allow List
  • External Proxying (HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS/PAC)
  • Protobuf
  • Import Charles Proxy files
  • Custom Root & Client & Server Certificates
  • Wildcard & Regex Matching Rules
  • Scripting (ReWrite)
  • JS Addons and Snippet Code
  • Atlantis framework for iOS
  • GraphQL Debugging
  • Network Condition (Network Throttling)
  • Multiple Filters
  • Publish to Gist
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Code Generator
  • Command Line
  • Diff for Request/Response
  • Access Control
  • Automatic/Manual Setup

Proxyman Premium macOS Proxyman Premium Mac Proxyman Premium

  • Improve Android Network Setup guide: No need to add domains to the network_security_config.xml
  • Update the latest SwiftNIO v2.58.0 with performance improvement and patched security.
  • [Scripting] Support `console.log()“ with multiple arguments
  • [Scripting] Add an option to hide all Proxyman Logs in the Console Log. Only display user logs.
  • [Breakpoint] Allow to use custom Status Code on Breakpoint Response, e.g. Status Code 430


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