eMail Address Extractor 4.7.0 Cracked for macOS

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eMail Address Extractor is highly intuitive, just select your output file format, then Drop data files or entire directories onto the hand drop-zone to quickly produce a non-duplicate list of all valid email addresses. Easily extract addresses from websites, your entire Apple Mail database, selected folders, iWork projects (Pages, Keynote, Numbers), and Microsoft Office (docx, xlsx).

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eMail Address Extractor



Size: 5.3 MB

  • macOS 10.12 or later

eMail Address Extractor is great for:

  • creating personal and business mailing lists
  • processing SQLite databases
  • scanning multiple documents at one time
  • removing duplicate addresses from mailing lists
  • merging lists
  • getting contact details from websites

Files can be processed:

  • via the menubar
  • drag and drop

Configuration to streamline your workflow:

  • less false positives
  • add flies types to an ignore list (speed up your workflow by not needing to manually sort through valid file types)
  • ignore email addresses containing strings (mailer-daemon, no-reply addresses for example)
  • option to also scan the contents of emails (not just the headers)
  • output results to CSV or TXT file
  • notifications when tasks have been completed

*pdf files need to be in a text format. OCR data retrieval is not currently supported.

eMail Address Extractor Mac eMail Address Extractor macOS eMail Address Extractor

  • New ScrapeView shows detailed web scraping details
  • It’s now possible to ignore URLs when scraping websites via the new ScrapeView


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