Cisdem Duplicate Finder 6.5.0 Cracked for macOS

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Cisdem Duplicate Finder offers an accurate way to find and delete all duplicate files. With this tool, you can scan both computer drives and folders located on external devices, as well as Apple applications like iPhoto, iTunes, and Mail. Scan files wherever they are. No matter scan the individual or multiple folders in the internal and external hard drive, but also the duplicates or similar in Photos and iTunes.

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Cisdem Duplicate Finder



Size: 11.4 MB

  • macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

Accurate Duplicates Detection Algorithms:

  • Find “real” duplicate files – Compare not only file names, but also contents to ensure no false search results.
  • Find duplicate files of any type, such as photos, documents, spreadsheets, music, videos, and other personal files.
  • Work as a powerful duplicate photo finder to detect and remove duplicate photos with ease.
  • Find similar images in photo libraries, simply keep the best picture after continuous shooting.
  • Scan and detect duplicates inside your internal and external file storage, like cameras, flash drives, etc.

Fast Duplicates Scanning Speed:

  • Find duplicate files in individual or multiple folders by drag-n-drop in one go.
  • Duplicate file scanning results are available in real-time, no need to wait for a complete search.
  • Exclude specific files and extensions for scanning.

Visual Duplicates Report:

  • Classify duplicate files and show duplicates in pie charts or tabs.
  • Preview all duplicates in Quick View or open them in Finder

Real-time Calculation: Display the quantity and size of selected duplicate files.

Check Duplicate and Similar Files Smartly:

  • Compare the duplicate files and similar images in the list, thumbnail, or info modes.
  • Smartly select duplicate files, you can choose to select the newest or oldest, etc. to remove duplicates.
  • File duplicates into different categories and sorts the duplicates by name, size, count, and type or search file by keywords.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder Cisdem Duplicate Finder

  • Optimized the algorithm for detecting similar images, support result priority, speed priority, or custom settings.
  • Support scanning duplicate folders.
  • Support saving scan results.
  • Display scan progress.
  • Optimized the scanning of Photos.
  • Divide image type into duplicate image type and similar image type.
  • Optimized Preferences interface.
  • Increased logging.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


  1. Installs OK but doesn’t work as expected, it doesn’t scan the entire library, probably 5% in my case and the files which are “similar” are not deleted 🙁


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