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Usher 2.0 is the ultimate tool for managing and watching your collection of videos. View your library in four view modes; watch movies in three ways. You can even use your Apple hardware remote to control playback and choose movies.

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Size: 19.3 MB

  • OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

Beyond its major features, Usher contains a number of small touches that make organizing and playing your videos an enjoyable experience:

  • Optional play-on-hover lets you see what’s what without opening each movie file in the player.
  • iTunes movies, TV shows, videos, etc. have their own entries in the iTunes section of Usher’s library.
  • You can perform basic (cut, copy, paste, revert) video editing right in Usher.
  • Whitelist and blacklist let you fine-tune what Usher can and cannot see.
  • Easily rotate movies during playback (to correct orientation).
  • View your collection using list view, preview frames, cover images, or Cover Flow modes.
  • Wide-ranging preferences give you full control over Usher’s behaviors.
  • Use your Apple hardware remote to run Usher.

With its combination of organizational tools and playback options, Usher really is your personal movie assistant.

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  • Improved response to launching while the previously open library isn’t available. As a result,
  • Usher is now less likely to destroy your library once it becomes available again. (Sorry about that!)
  • Improved mosaic layout. Simply put, row height now varies less dramatically.
  • Improved thumbnail keyboard navigation.


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