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TechTool Pro is the eagerly anticipated Universal Binary version of it fully supports the hardware changes introduced to the Macintosh platform with the introduction of the new MacIntel chipsets. Utilize a suite of maintenance routines to keep your Mac running smoothly. TechTool Pro 12 will run on both Intel and PowerPC-based Macs.

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TechTool Pro



Size: 361.6 MB

  •  Intel-based Macs
  • macOS 10.10 up to macOS 10.15 ‘Catalina’
  • 2 GB RAM or higher

  • Advanced Memory Testing: TechTool Pro 12 took a revolutionary step in testing memory, making TechTool Pro’s memory testing suite the most comprehensive test available for the Mac. TechTool Pro 12, takes advantage of advancements used by ATOMIC, our dedicated Memory Tester, and integrates them into testing your memory.
  • Take control of your Mac: Utilize a suite of maintenance routines to keep your Mac running smoothly. Manually run your Mac’s daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance routines, as well as rebuild key system caches.
  • Partition Map: TechTool Pro will test and repair hard drive partition maps. The Partition Map test will verify the health of the partition map and the Partition Repair tool will repair any errors found in the partition map.
  • Volume and File Optimization: TechTool Pro performs both file and volume optimization. File optimization defragments individual files on the hard drive. Volume optimization consolidates the free space on a hard drive. For full optimization, perform Volume Optimization after File Optimization. The resulting optimization simplifies the file storage layout and may enhance the overall performance of your drive.
  • Data Recovery: TechTool Pro helps you recover your data from corrupted drives or volumes that don’t mount on the desktop to save the data to another location.† Use the Trash History feature to track the location of deleted files and increase the chance of their recovery in the case of accidental deletion.
  • Network and Connectivity Testing: TechTool can test your Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, and any other network interface. Troubleshoot problems staying connected to wifi, or problems connecting to Bluetooth peripherals such as speakers, keyboards, and more.

TechTool Pro Serial key

  • Added iPad Air (M2) and iPad Pro (M4) series support for the Battery Check test
  • Updated Volume Rebuild tool to support non-ascii character volume names
  • Updated Bonjour manufacturer database for the Local Network tool
  • Updated Sparkle update framework to version 2.6.2
  • Minor fixes and enhancements


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