Radio Silence 3.2 Cracked for macOS

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The easiest network monitor and firewall for Mac. See all network connections — block any app from going online. Powerful privacy for your Mac, usable by anyone: Radio Silence lets you keep a list of apps that aren’t allowed to make network connections.

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Radio Silence



Size: 1.0 MB

  • macOS 10.15 or later

  • Protect your privacy
  • Prevent apps from phoning home
  • Save on bandwidth and data charges
  • Radio Silence is completely invisible

The firewall is invisible and always active. You don’t have to keep any windows open.

  • No annoying pop-ups
  • No clutter on your screen or dock
  • No effect on your Mac’s performance

Radio Silence exposes everything: Find the hidden helpers and background processes apps use to make connections:

  • Helper apps and executables
  • In-memory processes
  • Daemons, XPC services, and more

Radio Silence macOS Radio Silence

  • Better app identification and blocking
  • The more robust startup, leading to fewer situations where the app might not see network traffic at all
  • Performance improvements
  • Better dark mode support
  • Outbound and inbound connections are now distinguishable in the connections list, and the port column shows the port connected to for inbound connections
  • Installation guidance for macOS Monterey and Ventura


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