iTubeDownloader 6.5.9 Cracked for macOS

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iTubeDownloader minimalist macOS application that enables you to browse the YouTube website, playback videos, or simply download them to your computer. After each download is complete you can configure automatically transfer the audio or video to iTunes. iTubeDownloader is a small Mac app designed to remedy the situation.

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Size: 40.8 MB

  • macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

  • Download queue: Download multiple videos at the same time and easily manage them.
  • Channel & playlist support: Whether you want to download just one YouTube video or an entire channel or playlist, can handle it.
  • Audio downloads: Just want the audio and not the video of a YouTube video? No problem can easily download just the audio track of a video.
  • Subtitle support: can automatically add all the subtitles of the YouTube video to the downloaded file.
  • iTunes integration: All audio and video downloaded with iTubeDownloader can automatically transfer to iTunes. Once the content is in iTunes you can easily transfer it to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Browser integration: Install the browser extensions to send YouTube videos from your web browser for downloading.
  • Automatic retry: Download failed because you lost your internet connection? iTubeDownloader has you covered and will automatically retry the download when appropriate.
  • Supports 60 fps: iTubeDownloader can also download those extremely smooth videos from YouTube.
  • Supports 4K: YouTube offers ultra high definition videos and can download these videos without a hitch.


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements



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