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Fallen Knight is a futuristic knight’s tale that lets players play as a descendant of the great Lancelot in King Arthur’s tale. Players will take on the role of Lancelot the 49th in a futuristic setting, facing off against 6 unique enemy heroes with a dark past of their own. Expect a Dark Souls-esque challenging experience coupled with a fast-paced sword action gameplay that will punish players for every little mistake and reward generously with every victory.

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Fallen Knight




Size: 422.6 MB

  • macOS 10.15 or later, 64-bit processor

Fallen Knight allows players to also choose the way they play the game. There are multiple endings, which are determined by the actions each player takes. Players may choose to kill their enemies or skillfully parry & disarm their enemies, exhibiting the mercy and honor of a Knight of the Round Table. How you play leads you to discover different endings of the game and story.

Key Features:

  • Punishing Boss Battles
  • Multiple Game Endings based on Gameplay (Kill or Parry/Disarm)
  • Explore 6 Unique and Diverse Storylines
  • Responsive Action Platformer
  • Compatible with MFI controllers and more

Fallen Knight Mac Fallen Knight Fallen Knight macOS

  • Players will be able to start the game with Life Saving skill equipped
  • The casual mode can only be selected when selecting an empty save slot (new game)


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