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CompareMerge is a software tool for file comparison and merging text-like files. It is useful for determining what has changed between versions and then merging changes between versions.

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Size: 6.3 MB

  • macOS 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

  • COMPARE FOLDERS/FILES: can compare both 2 files or 2 folders
  • QUICK COMPARE FOLDERS: allow to quickly compare two folders’ files by size or date or both or with full content (slower)
  • BLANK COMPARE: Allow to create blank edit window to compare text then save later
  • CUSTOM THEME COLOR: User can select predefined theme color or customize edit text color, background color….
  • INLINE EDIT (Edit/Merge at the same time): Compare and Merge 2 text files: allow you to edit/compare/merge 2 text files in the same windows
  • LINE NUMBER: When edit file, showing line number will make it easier to know exactly changes positions.
  • GENERATE PATCH: the application also contains patch generating capabilities.
  • FILE FILTERS: Include or exclude files that match regular expressions. Other than that, after compare 2 folders, you could filter display item base on file name.
  • INCLUDE SUBFOLDERS: This option lets you control the depth of a folder comparison. Enabling it compares all folder levels
  • COPY TO: after compare 2 folder, you can select left or right files to copy to different location (example: when release change source)
  • DELETE Left/Right/Both: after compare 2 folder, you can select left or right files to delete
  • IGNORE CASE, SPACE: Allow to ignore Case, Space in Edit/Merge window
  • IGNORE End-Line code: Allow to ignore difference in End Line Code (LF for Mac・Unix file, CR-LF for Windows file, or CR for Mac classic file) in Edit mode.
  • EXPORT / CREATE REPORT: Allow to export compare/merge result to clipboard or to files (support formats: CSV, Text, HTML)

CompareMerge CompareMerge macOS CompareMerge Mac

  • Fix bugs
  • Highlight differences in text-comparing-window
  • Support filter file names by regular expression (regex)
  • Improve UI of Text Merge window


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