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Have the food fight of your life in the #1 battle royale game on Arcade! Play solo or in squads against 31 others in fast-paced 5-minute food fights. Fire sauce-shooting, bread-blasting tools and knock out your opponents with food! Use Power-Ups to heal your squad or trap your opponents in a flood of thick, delicious milkshakes!

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Butter Royale




Size: 407.0 MB

  • macOS 10.15.5 or later, 64-bit processor

  • CHOOSE YOUR FOOD FIGHTER — Play as any of 80+ characters in this top-down shooter
  • TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS & FAM — Squad up for multiplayer 4v4 food fights
  • BE A SOLO SURVIVOR — Win this battle royale game solo for ultimate bragging rights
  • KNOCK ‘EM OUT WITH FOOD — Pick up epic food blasters like the Breadzooka, snag silver and gold blasters from Fridge Deliveries, and fire away
  • POWER-UPS — All’s fair in food fights! Power-Ups heal your squad or slow down opponents for a short period of time
  • BEWARE OF BUTTER — Watch out for hot Butter and get yourself to safe zones
  • UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE SWAG — Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn XP and seasonal currency, and unlock exclusive seasonal characters, melees, and more
  • CHAMPION IN 5 MINS — Become the Champion of the Butterfield on your morning coffee break

Butter Royale Mac Butter Royale macOS Butter Royale

  • Spices that give you passive bonuses in battle have been added to the game!
  • New Time Limited Game Modes are now in the rotation!


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