WiFiSpoof 3.4.6 Cracked for macOS


WiFiSpoof 3.4.6 Cracked for macOS

WiFiSpoof Crack Mac

WiFiSpoof Crack Mac – a small utility that will help you easily change the WiFi Mac-address with hotkeys, or from the menu bar. MAC-address can be changed at any random (generated by the application) or you specify directly. Quickly and easily change your computer’s MAC address. A beautiful and Intuitive UI made for humans.

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WiFiSpoof Crack Mac




Size: 7.6 MB

  • macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit

  • MAC Address Spoofing: Easily change your Wi-Fi/Ethernet MAC address – no need to fiddle with the Terminal. WiFiSpoof Mac Crack Generate completely random MAC addresses, or specific vendor addresses with the in-built vendor database.
  • Fully Customizable: Setup custom rules for all your favorite networks – randomize every 30mins at your favorite cafe, set to a predefined MAC address at work, and set another MAC address at home. WiFiSpoof Crack Mac the possibilities are endless.
  • Global hotkeys: Configure global keyboard shortcuts to instantly access the main window with handy network information, randomize your MAC address, or toggle the built-in timer function.
  • Private browsing: Avoid silly network restrictions and protect your privacy while surfing public Wi-Fi networks. WiFiSpoof Mac Torrent MAC addresses are not encrypted while you surf the internet, leaving your computer as a potential target for undesirable tracking.

WiFiSpoof Mac Crack

  • Vendor selection is now correctly remembered for each device
  • Fix for randomize by vendor
  • Updated Sparkle

WiFiSpoof 3.4.6 Cracked for macOS

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