TotalFinder 1.14.2 Cracked for macOS

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TotalFinder application delivers exceptional performance, user-friendly interface, compact, and does not require a system reboot after installation. The list of improvements also includes additional tools for getting clients from the file collection. The program allows the user to quickly get rid of the file format .ds_store, accumulated on the hard disk. Updated TotalFinder also allows you to hide or show invisible files, and a new Explorer window can now be opened at any time using the appropriate “hot” keys, and more.

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Size: 6.6 MB

  • macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

  • Tab-based interface: Say goodbye to scattered, disorganized Finder windows. Merges everything into a workflow-friendly, tab-based layout.
  • System-wide access: With TotalFinder, convenience is key: With the stroke of a hot-key, it’s available instantly, system-wide.
  • Helpful tweaks: Top feature takes file organization to a new level.
  • Reduce clutter: OS X’s Finder has a bad habit of cluttering your system with hidden attribute files. Emphasizes cleanliness, eliminating superfluous files and freeing up valuable storage space.



  • Fixed rare crashes of Crash Watcher. app.
  • Fixed improper detection of Dark Mode under pre-Mojave systems. High Sierra Sierra El Capitan.
  • Broken macOS version detection in TotalFinder agent.



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