Seasonality Core 2.7.3 Cracked for macOS

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Seasonality Core turns your Mac into an advanced home weather station, showing you the latest forecast, observations, and maps for locations worldwide. Our back-end collects and processes data from around the globe. From weather station observations to forecast model data and advanced imagery, we have all your data needs covered.

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Seasonality Core



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Size: 9.0 MB

  • OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit processor

All the latest technology

Seasonality Core takes advantage of all the latest OS X technology to give you the best weather experience possible.

Use the full-screen mode in Lion to see a beautiful weather layout without any obstructions. Or choose to just maximize the graphs or map within the window.

Seasonality Core recognizes gestures to make it easier for you to interact with the data. Pinch to zoom on the map or adjust timelines on the graphs. Use two fingers to scroll through any of the data offered.

Thanks to the multiple processor and 3D graphics acceleration support, Seasonality Core is always responsive to your every need.

Your gateway to the world

Seasonality Core knows no boundaries. The application comes bundled with over 30,000 locations in over 200 countries worldwide for one-click access.

If you can’t find an appropriate location in our extensive database, create your own custom location to get accurate weather anywhere.

Thanks to our custom back-end, which has been extensively tested since 2004, we gather, process, and track data from around the world.

Some advanced features may not be available worldwide just yet but we’ve got you covered with the basics wherever you go. We are also working hard on expanding our coverage, for all our users.

Data from the best of sources

While weather data is now available from a wide range of sources, not all tools are equally accurate or reliable.

This is why we continuously poll the best possible sources, including the National Weather Service in the United States and similar scientific institutions around the globe. Our own back-end then compiles and prepares the data for broadcast.

Because Seasonality offers full details, such as maps, graphs, and numerical data, you can delve deep into the information from many angles and understand how it may affect your planned activities.

Seasonality Core relies on independent and non-commercial scientific sources for its data which guarantees balanced, complete, and continuous reporting.

Seasonality Core Mac Seasonality Core macOS Seasonality Core

  • Fixed a bug where a forecast may be missing in the graphs.
  • Fixed a display bug when launching.


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