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Secure your stronghold, prepare your army, and battle to victory in this fun, fast-paced real-time strategy game from the makers of Bloons TD. Whether playing as the fast, well-armored Humans or the fierce, heavy-hitting Orcs, each game plays differently as you choose how to manage your focus and your resources before launching the perfect attack to crush your opponent!

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Red Reign




Size: 92.3 MB

  • macOS 10.15.0 or later, 64-bit processor

  • Head-to-head online and Bluetooth multiplayer
  • Fully offline vs. AI single player mode with 4 difficulties and multiple AI play styles
  • New ultra challenging single player Survival Mode
  • Innovative player-enhanced tactical play – select an area on the battlefield to harvest resources faster, heal your troops, or crush the enemy!
  • 40 powerful troop types, including Berserkers, Marksmen, Knights, Warlocks, and Siege Trolls
  • Three powerful stronghold upgrades, enabling advanced troops and better defenses
  • 14 distinct battlefields, each with its own control points and resource limits
  • 39 achievements to earn and show your skill
  • Dynamic original music that reacts to the pitch of battle!
  • Offline Training Mode
  • Colorful visuals and playful animation appeal to the whole family

Red Reign Mac Red Reign macOS Red Reign

  • New Playable Army! The Fae are a powerful, magical race of spirit warriors ready to defend their homelands with 10 all-new troops
  • Two new unique maps change how you play: Forest Allies introduces mercenary camps and path switches while Treacherous Crossing has narrow bridge crossings and a single Ferry to reach your opponent!
  • More maps have been added to Survival mode


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