Photo Mechanic 6.0 build 5029 Cracked for macOS

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Photo Mechanic is a photographer’s image browser tool. It is the answer for professional digital photographers looking for a fast and easy-to-use image browser for digital camera files. Innovative batch captioning, renaming, speedy browsing, and Photoshop connectivity features have made it the choice of thousands of photojournalists and professional photographers worldwide.

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Photo Mechanic




Size: 59.8 MB

  • OS X 10.10.5 or later 64-bit

  • Start editing immediately: Don’t wait around. See the thumbnails of your images while they’re being copied from your memory card. Cull, rate, and tag them as you go.
  • Copy files from several memory cards simultaneously: Rename files and folders dynamically, add IPTC credit and keyword information, and make a mirrored backup folder — all in one step!
  • Move and rename files efficiently: Add capture time to filenames. Create dated folders on the fly. Copy files to multiple destinations at once. Photo Mechanic 6 file-management tools are incredibly powerful.
  • Keywords: Sometimes you need more than one keyword to describe (and find) an image. It helps you add keywords in many ways. Structured Keyword lists allow you to add related keywords fast.
  • GPS Coordinates: Geotag your photos by easily applying your saved GPS tracking logs to your photos with Photo Mechanic.
  • Batch Editing: Work faster when you copy, delete, tag, watermark, rename, resize, and add IPTC metadata to lots of photos at once.
  • Pick the Best of the Bunch: View and compare images side by side, horizontally or vertically. Spot differences between images that are too subtle to see when viewing one at a time, or simply pick between two top choices.
  • Send files fast: Photo Mechanic works with your default e-mail app to send files as attachments. Perfect for getting images to clients fast.
  • Archive: Archive your images by burning them to CDs or DVDs straight from Photo Mechanic 6 without having to go into Finder or Explorer.

Photo Mechanic

  • (Mac Retina only) Loupe cursor not working with pictures of 2000 by 1333 pixels
  • Photo Mechanic not erasing disks when Ingest completes successfully
  • On Mojave, thumbnails in Contact Sheet are hidden during certain operations
  • Clicking a hover button while moving the mouse changes selection
  • The issue with “Adjust Capture Date/Time” giving RAW file more recent time than XMP sidecar
  • Unable to drag RAW+JPEG+WAV to a folder in Navigator & Favorites



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