Navicat Premium 16.3.7 Cracked for macOS

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Navicat Mac is a database development tool that allows you to simultaneously connect to MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases from a single application. Compatible with cloud databases like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, SQL Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud. You can quickly and easily build, manage, and maintain your databases.

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Navicat Premium



Size: 314.6 MB

  • macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit

  • Seamless Data Migration: Data Transfer, Data Synchronization and Structure Synchronization help you migrate your data easier and faster for less overhead. Deliver detailed, step-by-step guidelines for transferring data across various DBMS.
  • Easy SQL Editing: Visual SQL Builder will help you create, edit, and run SQL statements without having to worry about syntax and proper usage of commands. Code fast with Code Completion and customizable Code Snippet by getting suggestions for keywords and stripping the repetition from coding.
  • Intelligent Database Designer: Create, modify, and manage all database objects using our professional object designers.
  • Advanced Secure Connection: Establish secure connections through SSH Tunneling and SSL to ensure every connection is secure, stable, and reliable. Support different authentication methods of database servers such as PAM authentication for MySQL and MariaDB, and GSSAPI authentication for PostgreSQL.

Navicat Premium Mac Crack

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Data Transfer failed when using HTTP tunnel.
  • Line numbers disappeared when scrolling in Query Editor.
  • Crashed when mapping MySQL and MariaDB fields in Data Synchronization.


  1. hello, i tried to install manually, it said “Navicat Premium is damagaed and can’t be opened. You shoud move it to the trash.” I run command sudo xattr -rd but not the error still exist.

    • cd /Applications
      xattr -cr Navicat\

      navigate to settings
      under Privacy & Security
      scroll down until end of page you will notify Open Application on Security Section
      well it works

  2. 16.3.4 is good tested on MBP 13 M2 Sonoma 14.2
    last good version is 16.2.9, below this version having issue on saving password in connection, then crashing on the show table list in tree view. be sure use this version is good!

  3. Please give us Navicat Premium (macOS) version 16.2.9 because on mac os sonoma, it is crashing a lot.

    Sep 20 2023Navicat Premium (macOS) version 16.2.9

    1.”The number of row value expressions in the INSERT statement exceeds the maximum allowed number of 1000 row values.” error occurred when importing data to SQL Server.
    2.*Crashed on macOS 14*
    3.MariaDB Triggers were transferred multiple times during Data Transfer.
    4.Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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