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Jumper Jon offers a new time concept never seen in the Metroidvania genre before. Take the role of Jon and get into Hell to explore and find the beautiful Jane. Everything played in 30-second chunks. Jumper Jon is an adventure that will be released as individual chapters. With each major update, a new chapter will be introduced to the game and will increase the overall size of the adventure.

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Jumper Jon




Size: 183.5 MB

  • macOS 10.15 or later

Jon is a tiny devil who lives in limbo, one day something fell from above and caused a big impact, Jon decided to investigate and found that it was a girl named Jane. Together they will discover the source of the unbalance between good and evil on Earth and fight against it.

Game features

  • Metroidvania adventure with a unique gameplay concept!
  • Discover a great and intriguing story!
  • Find special items and abilities and explore Hell!
  • Rescue Souls to get collectible trophies!
  • Two game modes: normal with the time limit and easy with no time limit!
  • Simple and intuitive game controls!
  • Beautiful cartoon-styled graphics!
  • Awesome original soundtrack!

Jumper Jon Mac Jumper Jon macOS Jumper Jon

  • New Game + option available!
  • A brand new experience!
  • A new character to play the whole game: Jane!
  • New gameplay!


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