iToolab AnyGo 5.2.5 Cracked for macOS

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iToolab AnyGo helps you spoof and change the location of your iPhone/iPad Easily. Works with all location-based AR games or apps. AnyGo enables you to teleport the GPS location of your iPhone to any destination you choose in the world in just 1 click! Simply enter an address or the specific coordinates of your desired location.

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iToolab AnyGo




Size: 18.7 MB

  • OS X 10.10 or later 64bit

  • Spoof to anywhere in LBS(Location Based Service) games without actually moving or walking
  • Easily access any videos, music, movies, and services that may be restricted to you based on your location
  • Share a virtual location on social media to trick your friends
  • Easily test LBS and games
  • Easily hide your location from apps and services
  • Set your real location if GPS is unable to find it

iToolab AnyGo iToolab AnyGo macOS iToolab AnyGo Mac

  • Added GPX import functionality.
  • Fixed problem with connection errors.
  • Support to view the map in the full screen.


  1. No matter what I did, it don’t recognize my iPhone, which is on the supported iOS list. Any ideas ? 🤷🏼‍♀️


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