iMac Cleaner 2.9 Cracked for macOS

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iMac Cleaner has been proven to be one of the most dashing tools that help to optimize and organize the Mac. It uses the latest secure technology to quarantine all the viruses and suspicious threats that may iMac Cleaner destroy the computer by slowing it down to death. This tool can carefully scan your entire computer and dismisses every potential threat from the system in the easiest way.

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iMac Cleaner




Size: 8.6 MB

  • macOS 10.9 or later 64-bit


  • Monitor the usage of disk space and CPU.
  • The record lasted scanned time and total space saved.
  • Quickly scan junk files, scan all Apps on your Mac.
  • Deep clean the memory of your Mac.

Smart Junk Clean

  • App junk files, incl. app caches, logs, system caches, etc.
  • Clean mail attachments, browser junk files, incl. browser history, caches, mail downloads, etc.
  • Get rid of iTunes junk files, incl. old iOS device backup, iOS software update files, iTunes downloads, etc.
  • Remove Localized languages, useless language files in App, but not including English and native language file.
  • Clever detection of remaining files after uninstalling Apps.

Duplicate Clean

  • Accurate and quick detection of duplicates using the MD5 value checksum algorithm.
  • Scan duplicates anywhere, whether they are one or more folders of internal and external hard drives, also supporting scanning duplicates in Photos or iTunes.
  • Smartly selects the duplicate files automatically, then you can select the newest or oldest files to remove.
  • Check the duplicate files with different categories, sort the duplicates by size, name, count, and type and search file by keywords.

App Removal

  • Quickly and fully scan all Apps on your Mac and its related junk files, incl. leftover, logs, caches, preference, crash reports, etc.
  • Smartly select Apps and its associated junk files automatically, you can choose to delete infrequently used Apps.
  • Secure technology to isolate all viruses, malware, etc threats that could disrupt your Mac by slowing down to death.
  • Find and delete all rogue Apps, incl. Advanced Mac Cleaner, Mackeeper, CleanMyMac,  MacFly Pro, etc.

Other Features of iMac Cleaner

  • Large Files Clean: Scan & Delete large files from single or multiple folders on internal and external hard drives, but also large files in Photos or iTunes.
  • File Shredder: Erase files and make them unrecoverable, ensure your files could be securely erased.
  • Extensions: Manage & Delete extensions, preferences, Plug-ins, and add-ons in an efficient way to keep your Mac security.
  • Extract RAR: Extract the most common formats of your mac, include RAR, Zip, 7Z, Bzip, Cab, Swf, Lzma, etc. Besides, extract image files within PDF files.
  • Open Winmail.dat: Quickly open & save Winmail.dat files sent from Microsoft Outlook. You can easily send each item within Winmail.dat files as an attachment directly.
  • Compress PDF: Efficiently shrink PDF file size, and support compresses encrypted PDF files. You can easily send PDF as an attachment directly after compression.
  • Startup Optimization: Efficiently manage your startup items to optimize your Mac Boot speed.
  • macOS High Sierra Support: Compatible and optimized for macOS Mojave!

iMac Cleaner

  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Supported the newest macOS Mojave (10.14)


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