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Combo Cleaner Premium is an antivirus and system optimizer created by a company called RCS LT. This application runs on Mac computers and works with all recent Mac operating systems. This application takes a different approach as compared to traditional antivirus suites. As well as an antivirus function, Combo Cleaner Premium includes a disk cleaner, big files finder, duplicate files finder, privacy scanner, and application uninstaller.

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Combo Cleaner Premium



Size: 10.1 MB

  • macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

Professional Mac Antivirus (Premium)

Combo Cleaner has equipped with award­ winning viruses, malware, and adware scan engines. Free Antivirus scanner checks if your computer is infected. To remove infections, you will have to purchase the full version of the Combo Cleaner.

Our antivirus software is specifically designed to fight Mac-native malicious applications, however, it also detects and lists PC ­related malware. The virus definition database is updated hourly to ensure that you are protected from the latest outbreaking malware threats

  • Adware Scanner: No more pop-­ups or unwanted ads while browsing the Internet
  • Malware Scanner: A dedicated malware research team works 24/7 to ensure Combo Cleaner users are protected from outbreaking malware threats.
  • PC-specific Malware Scanner: Combo Cleaner Antivirus is equipped with an extensive database of PC threats to prevent you from inadvertently sending malicious files to your friends and other PC users.

Disk Cleaner (Free)

Disk Cleaner ensures that your Mac is free of junk and obsolete files that can accumulate megabytes of wasted disk space. Disk Cleaner is free to use.

Eliminate all Junk Files: Combo Cleaner’s disk cleaner utilizes a robust scan algorithm, which momentarily checks your hard drive for junk and various temporary files. After a quick scan, you are presented with a concise list of application cache, logs, browser data, and other useless files that can be safely removed to regain valuable disk space. This utility alone can save you gigabytes of disk space, and the best part: ­it is totally free.

  • Smart Scan: Fast and powerful “smart scan” algorithm. With just one click you will be able to clean application caches, downloads, application logs, trash, and other obsolete files.
  • External Hard Drives: Combo Cleaner is capable of scanning your external hard drives for duplicate and junk files. This feature is extremely useful for cleaning hard drives used for backups and storing data.

Duplicate File Finder (Free)

Duplicate files are identical copies stored in various places on your hard drive. These files are a waste of valuable disk space. Duplicate files scanner is free to use.

Combo Cleaner locates junk file duplicates and lists them in an easily-understood form. Removing duplicate files has many benefits. For example: recovering wasted disk space, reducing file search times, minimizing media backup times, etc.

  • Support for Many File Formats: Combo Cleaner finds duplicate songs (with associated audio files), documents, photos, MP3 files, videos, and more. Removes duplicate folders.
  • Finds Duplicate Files on Local and External Hard Drives: Combo Cleaner locates duplicate files and lists them in an easy-to-understand form. Removing duplicate files has many benefits. For example: recovering wasted disk space, reducing file search times, minimizing media backup times, etc.
  • Fast and Precise Detection: Fast, precise detection of duplicates by analyzing file content and attributes. Combo Cleaner’s Duplicate Files Finder analyzes individual file data to locate similar matches.

Privacy Scanner (Premium)

Privacy Scanner scans the system and installed browsers for private data and enables you to easily remove stored browsing history, cookies, etc. To remove detected items you will have to purchase the full version of Combo Cleaner.

Cookies are files created on your system when browsing various sites. They are used to keep track of your movement within websites. Browsing history files contain information pertaining to websites you have visited, information entered into forms, etc. Cache files contain copies of your frequently-visited websites. In the wrong hands, this information can compromise your privacy.

  • Privacy Guard: Enables you to eliminate various information stored when browsing the Internet, including cookies, history, cache, and other files that can reveal your private information.
  • Improves Performance: Removal of these files also improves Internet browser performance. Combo Cleaner supports all major Internet Browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera).

Big Files Finder (Free)

Wondering why your disk is full, but unable to locate files occupying significant disk space? Big Files Finder is free to use.

If you are wondering where all your disk space has gone, you should check your Mac for large files. Most Internet users download many files (such as videos, music, and images) on a daily basis. Some of these files might be large and occupy gigabytes of disk space.

  • Extremely Fast: Extremely Fast File Scan Engine. Big and Old Files Finder checks your local and external disks, immediately listing all files and folders larger than 100 megabytes (or any other user­-defined size).
  • Easy Sorting: Large files sorted by modification date. You can also list files by creation date, thus, allowing you to determine which large files are old and perhaps redundant.

App Uninstaller (Premium)

When you remove applications from your Mac, many useless, redundant files often remain on the system. Uninstaller checks for applications installed on your Mac. To uninstall applications you will have to purchase the full version of Combo Cleaner.

Combo Cleaner’s uninstaller enables you to find hidden components of applications and uninstall them from your computer. Our uninstaller delivers the quickest and easiest way to uninstall applications from your Mac, thus, resulting in extra disk space.

  • Files Search: Smart Associated Files Search Algorithm. Combo Cleaner will scan your installed applications and detect associated files. Often, these files are not deleted when removing the applications using the default procedures.
  • Smart Uninstaller: Smart app uninstaller. With just one click, you can display all installed applications in a single list. Easy file preview before removal.

Combo Cleaner Premium Combo Cleaner Premium Mac

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