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The perfect middle-ground between websites and apps on your Mac. Coherence X is a powerful tool that allows you to turn any website into a chromium-based, native application on your Mac. Coherence X builds upon the fundamentals of the world’s previous most powerful SSB tool – Coherence Pro 2 – and rebuilds them from the ground up. Here are just some of the major new changes.

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Coherence X


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Size: 12.2 MB

  • macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

  • An isolated app in seconds: Using Chrome as a backend, Coherence Pro allows you to work with Chrome-exclusive experiences like Canary or Spotify web player, and build entirely independent apps. You can batch-create programs if you need more than one, transferring settings across apps.
  • Chrome extensions and profiles: Let Coherence Pro automatically import extensions and profiles from your Chrome instances. So if you create a social media application, you can add 1Password, Pocket, and other useful extensions to enhance your app. Coherence Pro will also keep track of your preferred extensions.
  • Switch between app modes: The app comes with three different UI modes: a single-window app, a traditional Chrome-like appearance, and a multi-tab design. Choose the preferred experience, whether it’s a native immersive interface or a space for multitasking. If necessary, copy the same settings across apps.
  • The power of multi-tab design: Multi-tab apps give you incredible freedom in terms of functionality. For instance, you can create a native email client with the Unite app. But only with Coherence Pro multi-tab design, you can add multiple email accounts and switch between them inside your app.
  • Workspaces inside your app: Coherence Pro gives you space for creative work. Using a set of different functionality, you can create apps that act as workspaces. For example, if you’re tired of toggling across platforms, you can use Coherence Pro’s multi-tabbed interface to bring your top-visited sites into an app.

Coherence X Mac Coherence X

  • Enhanced support for Chrome Canary
  • Added ability to choose if your app is viewed as a browser by macOS
  • Improved bulk creation functionalities


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