cDock 4.6.3 Cracked for macOS

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cDock gives you full control over the Dock. There are tons of ways to customize the look and feel of the Dock. You can even enable some awesome hidden features. cDock is designed to make theming your Dock easy and robust on macOS 10.10 and up.

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Size: 16.3 MB

  • macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

  • Hide applications from showing
  • Dock pinning
  • 3D dock
  • Trash badge
  • Add / Remove spacer tiles
  • Add / Remove recents folder
  • Add / Remove iCloud Drive icon
  • Add / Remove Airdrop icon
  • Force dark menus
  • Remove the Trash and / or the Finder icon
  • Instantly show Desktop previews in Mission Control
  • Hide installed / updated dot from Launchpad
  • Adjust Launchpad rows / columns
  • Edit basic Dock settings
  • And much more…


  • Support for native execution on M1 chip (arm64)
  • Support for theming Empty / Full trash can
  • Support for custom trash empty sound
  • Icon theming info can be found (
  • Fixed Dock freezing when dragging items in macOS Big Sur
  • Fixed badge color not updating instantly when changed
  • Fixed issues with full width dock being missaligned
  • Fixed issues with dock pinning being missaligned
  • Fixed indictors not adjusting when dock position is switched
  • Fixed indicator offset applying incorectly
  • Fixed floating dock stye alignment
  • Fixed some Dock crashes when shitching themes / editing settings
  • Fixed helper will now only load the `cDock` and `_DockKit` bundles
  • Fixed helper failing to load the `cDock` bundle in some instances
  • Bug fixes



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