BetterDisplay Pro 2.2.6 Cracked for macOS

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BetterDisplay is a truly wonderful tool! It lets you convert your displays to fully scalable screens, allows brightness control, provides XDR/HDR upscaling (extra brightness beyond 100% on compatible displays), full dimming to black, helps you create and manage virtual displays (dummies) for your Mac, create Picture in Picture windows of your displays and gives you a host of other features to manage your display’s settings easily from the menu bar.

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BetterDisplay Pro



Size: 12.4 MB

  • macOS 11.0 or later

  • Convert your internal and natively connected external displays to smoothly-scaled HiDPI displays on Apple Silicon – now even without mirroring a dummy (displays with notch, HDR,
  • HDCP, high refresh rate fully supported)! (Pro)
  • Reach the full brightness potential of your XDR or HDR display! (Pro)
  • Change the display’s brightness, volume and colors via software and hardware (DDC) control via sliders and native or custom keyboard shortcuts!
  • Create custom HiDPI resolutions for real displays manually and redefine certain system display parameters!
  • Create any number of dummies (virtual screens) with varying aspect ratios.
  • Use headless Macs (servers) with any resolution and HiDPI mode for remote access.
  • Create Picture in Picture window for any real or dummy displays. (Pro)
  • Redirect your display’s contents (real or dummy) to an other screen via streaming. (Pro)
  • If you are using a big TV up close, use the bottom half of your TV as a wide screen display (off-center streaming). (Pro)
  • Scale Sidecar resolutions. (Pro)
  • Portrait SideCar support. (Pro)
  • Better quality zooming (System Preferences»Accessibility»Zoom) or High Quality screenshots even on 1080p displays
  • Easily change the resolution of your real and dummy displays via a slider (or submenu) from the menubar.
  • Quickly accessible refresh rate and screen rotation menu.
  • Simplify creating mirrored sets. (Pro)
  • Easily move around displays relative to each other using the app menu.
  • Quickly designate a display to be main display.
  • Associate dummies with displays for auto connect/disconnect.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for basic operations.
  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts support. (Pro)
  • Custom dummies (resolution, orientation, naming). (Pro)
  • Create a dummy optimized for a real display. (Pro)

BetterDisplay Pro Mac BetterDisplay Pro macOS BetterDisplay Pro

  • Made resolution modes that are not visible with default settings more reachable via additional Set Resolution or Refresh Rate menu options
  • Added feature to quickly swap identical displays
  • Improved BetterDisplay behavior on removing eGPU (avoid stuff that interferes with the process)
  • Added keyboard shortcut to quickly swap identical displays
  • Added a bit more explanation + opens app menu when app icon clicked again while the app is running.
  • Added an option to force-override resolution of mirrored displays
  • Progressively hide resolution slider icon when a special resolution marker overlaps during tracking
  • Added the ability to add/remove favorites from the resolution slider when special resolution markers are enabled
  • Fixed: Seemingly Duplicate Resolutions In Set Resolution Menu by default on Intel
  • Fixed: Resolution slider contains same resolution for multiple bit-depths on Intel (this also causes duplication in special resolution markers in v1.4.5)
  • Fixed: Slider snapping does not work properly (flickers) for displays with limited resolution options in v1.4.5
  • Fixed: Resolution slider markers and snapping is confused when slider set to magnifier style in v1.4.5


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