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AutoMailer Crack

AutoMailer allows us to prepare and send personalized mass email campaigns to multiple unlimited addresses, in text or web format, each merged with data from an internal database. It can send using a standard BSDM/Linux mail server or Gmail. It’s simple and effective and allows you to make a complex job in an easy way. The application is able to automatically detect during imports the data type and the file-encode method to provide imports of data without any problems.

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Size: 12.9 MB

  • macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit

  • Import from external sources in a smart and simple way
  • Can import both CSV (comma-separated value),TSV (Tab-separated value), CSV-S (Char separated Value using semicolon
  • Automatically detect during imports, the data type and the file encode method to provide imports of data without any problem
  • Data imported into any AutoMailer document are managed in an easy to use the table
  • Data can be modified, updated and enlarged with new additional data at any time
  • Various commands provide manipulation of internal records with maximum flexibility
  • Except for the list of address, that will never be used to send, for ‘blacklisted people’
  •  Template emails used to merge the email with data, both in text or in HTML
  • Web format can include pictures linked from a support server
  • Live preview for HTML emails during composting
  • A custom selection of same emails from the list for partial sending
  • Complex action grouped in a single command
  • Capability to send an email via an email server, one by one, specifying an interval time between each sending
  • Mail sending accessing directly a Mail server
  • It can send via standard BSDM/Linux mail server (example: Sendmail or postfix)
  • It can send via your Gmail account
  • Optionally preparation of all the emails using the installed on any Mac
  • Mail server connect function using PLAIN, STARTTLS or TLS authentications
  • Can test your connection (without sending) to better set it up
  • Can save an unlimited number of connection settings and use more than one pre-defined server
  • Settings, data, and email templates are saved inside documents, ready to be reused at a later time
  • Simple syntax to prepare email templates that are merged with the internal database
  • Popup to offer all the available field tags to access tabled data in the email template
  • Contents are searchable using a search field at the top of them
  • A lot of additional functionalities to help the user do the job in the best way
  • Support also Dark Appearance mode when on macOS 10.14 Mojave

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  • Fixed some minor bugs



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