A Monster’s Expedition 1.0.3 Cracked Mac Game

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From some of the best puzzle designers in the world comes A Monster’s Expedition, an adorable and relaxing open-world puzzle adventure for monsters who love to learn about humans. By pushing trees over to create pathways, you’ll explore hundreds of islands near and far to learn about the history of “humanity”. Immerse yourself in human culture with all-new exhibits from the “Human Englandland” dig site, each accompanied with expert insights*!

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A Monster’s Expedition




Size: 380.0 MB

  • macOS 10.15.0 or later.

Insights is not a legally binding term and may or may not include idle speculation, rumour and hearsay.

  • An adorable open-world puzzle game from the creators of A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and Cosmic Express
  • Simple but deep mechanics packed with possibilities to discover
  • Hundreds of islands to visit – some right in front of you, others well off the beaten track for true puzzle lovers
  • Learn about the mythical humans from the perspective of curious monsters

A Monster’s Expedition Mac A Monster’s Expedition macOS A Monster’s Expedition

  • Fixed a crash that occurred on some models of Macbook.
  • Added setting to display island coordinates.
  • Made adjustments to fast travel “footstep” icons.
  • Increased resolution of the game on certain devices.
  • Fixed issue with the camera not zooming out enough on certain islands.
  • Improved touch controls.
  • Fixed issue where the game could show the player “illegal” moves.


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