iShowU Studio 2.3.14 (1508) Cracked for macOS

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iShowU Studio is easy to add text, annotations, transitions, pointers, and highlights and then share your result. Features you’ve come to expect in the iShowU Studio “series” have been supercharged: screen & camera recording, mouse highlighting and keyboard animations take on a new lease of life now that you can edit when and how they appear. Did we mention we’ve reworked uploading too? Take the best real-time capture, then mix in world-class editing – and voila, that’s iShowU Studio 2!

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iShowU Studio



Size: 42.0 MB

  • macOS 10.14 or later 64-bit

  • Superfast full-screen capture: Utilising the latest OS X technology and hardware accelerated goodness.
  • Simple editing interface: An uncluttered yet useful screen recording interface, with the editing tools you need directly accessible.
  • The full suite of Editing Tools: Super intuitive pan/zoom, transitions, shapes, fades, and more. iShowU Studio 2 lets you point out what’s important quickly and easily.
  • Capture directly from iOS: Capture directly from your iOS device, create beautiful demos of your iOS apps with ease!
  • We love the color: iShowU Studio 2 is aware of color-tagged footage, giving you accurate results all the way from import, preview through to final render.
  • Built-in Camera capture: Plug in any OS X compatible camera and capture footage from that in realtime. Or add it later, your call.
  • Gorgeous “Full Screen” editing interface: Designed from the beginning to both operate and look fantastic when in full screen.
  • Designed in Italy, created in New Zealand: What would have happened if Enzo Ferrari had met Burt Munro? We’ll never know, but in iShowU Studio 2 Install Catalina, we’ve combined the passions of an NZ coder (they’re an odd bunch) and an Italian designer to create what we think is the best, gorgeous user experience in a video editing application for Mac.

iShowU Studio iShowU Studio

  • New: movable/resizable on screen camera (see initial settings window)
  • License system upgraded (Paddle v4)
  • Improved error handling around mic/app audio setup.
  • Updated the YouTube icon.


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