HitPaw Photo AI 3.1.0 Cracked for macOS

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HitPaw Photo AI is a versatile AI-powered photo editing tool that seamlessly combines features such as photo enhancement, object, and background removal, AI art generation, and AI portrait creation.

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HitPaw Photo AI




Size: 823.8 MB

  • macOS 10.15 or later.

>>Image Enhancer & Upscaler: fix blurry pictures and enhance photo quality to 8K.

This AI photo enhancer can enhance image quality and resolution and make pictures less blurry 100% in one click.

Reduce blur and noise after intelligently analyzing photo contents using machine learning. Upcaling photos are the most classic function of HitPaw Photo AI.

It provides a variety of models to make your photos come alive, including face models, color correction, tinting, scratch repair, colorize black and white photo, fix low-light image and noise reduction models, etc.

These powerful features can not only ublur photos, enlarge images, but also solve the scratches and fading problems of old photos.

>> AI Image Generator: create image from text or image.

Best AI image generater: All we need is art that can be created by simply entering a text prompt or uploading an image. This AI art generator lets you see your ideas come to life with just one click!

>> Object Eraser: remove any unwanted object from photo: text, person.

Just check the objects you want in the picture and the software can erase them accurately. AI algorithms ensure that the locations of removed objects are intelligently filled.

>> Background Remover & Changer: clear up pictures, replace and edit backgrounds.

HitPaw Photo AI uses powerful artificial intelligence to accurately remove BG without destroying the integrity of the photo. In addition, AI intelligent background removal can meet our needs for customizing picture backgrounds.

>> AI Portrait Generator & Face Chain

Craft personalized AI portraits in seconds with HitPaw AI portrait generator. Choose from a variety of image styles to create stunning, unique portraits.

More Features:

  • Easily make pictures less blurry and remove noise of pictures.
  • Enlarge and upscale images without quality loss at all.
  • Upscale photos in any occasion with AI models.
  • Improve pictures quality, recover images details, make photos much clearer, and bring old photos to life.
  • Colorize black and white photos and collect color.
  • Restore old photos, remove scratches from photos.

Whether in daily life or at work, HitPaw Photo AI is an indispensable AI editing tool. Get this AI photo editor now!

HitPaw Photo AI HitPaw Photo AI Mac HitPaw Photo AI macOS

  • Add the functions of changing the background of pictures and making ID photos;
  • The enhancement module adds a new coloring model suitable for coloring traditional black-and-white photos;
  • Optimize the generation effect of the AI painting module, and add 10+ painting styles;
  • Optimize the dark light enhancement model;
  • Fix other known problems.



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