Folx Pro 5.26 (13983) Cracked for macOS

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Folx Pro combines two functionalities – download manager and torrent client. It offers convenient downloads for managing, flexible settings, etc. Its auto-resume option comes in handy when the downloading gets interrupted. You can also assign a tag or a few to the downloaded content for an accurate and easy search through the downloaded files.

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Folx Pro




Size: 38.0 MB

  • macOS 10.9 or later 64-bit

  • iTunes integration PRO: All music and videos downloaded can automatically go to iTunes playlists with the names as the tags assigned to downloads.
  • Remember login and password PRO: When starting new downloads from websites requiring authentication, you can ask Folx Pro to remember login and password. Next time Folx Pro is downloading from this website, you won’t need to enter a login and password.
  • Magnet links: Apart from downloading files from torrent trackers Folx Pro enables you to download using magnet links. The latter means you do not have to save a separate file before starting the actual download, which is convenient.
  • Folx is friendly with your browsers: If you come across something you want to download on the web, automatically catch the downloads or it can catch only the specific types of files for downloading. Folx 5 also features a browser extension, which has the option to download all, download selected, and download with Folx.
  • Speed control PRO: Gain full control over the downloading speed by either adjusting it manually or allowing it to do that automatically for optimal traffic allocation.

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  • Fixed: downloading videos from YouTube



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