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Willow just wants to mind her own business. But after she finds a broken magical necklace, she is transported on a spellbinding journey to a network of strange planets, each with a different inhabitant. Hired and guided by a mysterious cosmic Wurm, Willow’s task is to find out how to help her new friends heal and move on. In Winding Worlds, join a cast of characters, big and small, in a heartwarming tale of grief, love, truth, and acceptance.

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Winding Worlds




Size: 135.5 MB

  • macOS 10.15.0 or later, 64-bit processor

  • Simple and intuitive, accessible interactions
  • Meditative and calming gameplay
  • Emotionally impactful, moving storytelling for multiple playthroughs
  • A loveable and mysterious cast of characters
  • Sweeping, dreamy original soundtrack by Dabu, the acclaimed audio designer credited on GNOG, Boyfriend Dungeon, and Dwarf Fortress
  • 2 hours of gameplay
  • Unlock 8 GameCenter achievements”

Winding Worlds Mac Winding Worlds macOS Winding Worlds

  • Added support for Nimbus+ controllers.


  1. I already solved the problem, it was the executable that is inside:

    Applications / Winding Worlds / contents / MacOS /

    It was shown as a .txt file, to solve it you have to open the terminal and write:

    chmod + x (drag the file to the terminal and hit the Enter button)

    ready to play


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