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Speed Demons is the ultimate highway racing simulator, with breakneck speeds, amazing physics-based crashes, and the most intense TRAFFIC ever seen in a video game. Featuring hundreds of events, tons of varied vehicles, endless highways, and 8 gameplay modes, this is the top-down, physics-based racing game the world has been waiting for.

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Speed Demons




Size: 182.4 MB

  • macOS 10.15.0 or later

Whether you want to leisurely cruise down the highway, weave through traffic at high speeds, take out rogue racers, or just barrel through everything in sight, this game has it all:

  • Drive over 25 upgradeable vehicles, from tiny hatchbacks to supercars to massive semi-trucks.
  • Play 8 distinct game modes including RACE, CHECKPOINT, ESCAPE, PURSUIT, RAMPAGE, and more.
  • Choose from over 200 unique events, each customized to the vehicle(s) and mode featured.

Also featured in Speed Demons:

  • Endless procedurally-generated highways in 19 environments.
  • High-speed physics-based racing with up to 100 vehicles on-screen at once.
  • Modern-retro visuals with spectacular effects and an all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack by Auvic.
  • Simple but deep controls, and full MFi controller support.
  • Seamless iCloud saving across multiple devices.

The joy of endless traffic awaits. Download Speed Demons today and experience the new revolution in highway racing games.

Speed Demons Mac Speed Demons macOS Speed Demons

  • Added Chapter 10
  • Added 6 new vehicle types
  • Added more than 100 new races
  • Various minor balance and visual tweaks
  • Various minor bug fixes


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