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SketchUp is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that enables you to explore the world in 3D. With just a few simple tools, you can create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships. Programming, diagramming, design development, detailing, documentation, RFIs—wherever you need drawings, you need SketchUp Pro.

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SketchUp Pro




Size: 680.9 MB

  • macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit

  • Get good, fast: Whoever asked for complicated CAD software? SketchUp is hands-down the most intuitive and easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool around.
  • Think by drawing in 3D: We designed SketchUp to behave like an extension of your hand, so you can draw whatever you want, however you want.
  • Create accurate, highly-detailed models: SketchUp Pro is accurate to a thousandth of an inch, so you can design, specify, and plan with as much or little detail as you need.
  • Produce scaled, accurate drawings: SketchUp isn’t just for 3D models. Draw plans, elevations, details, title blocks and a lot more with LayOut. When your model changes, so do your document. Simple.
  • Generate presentation documents: With LayOut, you’re equipped for page design, drafting, vector illustration and slide presentations: everything you need to explain everything.
  • Create compelling walkthroughs: Use SketchUp Pro to turn your models into animated walkthroughs and flyovers that explain every detail.
  • Find a 3D model of anything: 3D Warehouse is the world’s largest repository of free 3D models, and it works seamlessly with SketchUp. That means entourage, furniture, equipment, casework, the entire kitchen sink (literally) is all handy in a few clicks.

Find a model from a trusted manufacturer

With manufacturer partners like Herman Miller, Formica, Thermador, and many others, we’re working to make 3D Warehouse the best place on the web to find a model of a specific, real-world object. Now when you specify an oven for a kitchen, you can be sure you’re working with accurate geometry, not to mention beautiful models.

  • Present on any device: When you upload your models to 3D Warehouse, it’s easy to pull them down onto your phone or tablet using the Mobile Viewer app. Then, get hands-on with clients and collaborators wherever, however, you’d like.
  • Model and Document: With LayOut, insert SketchUp model views wherever you want on the pages of your document. These “viewports” are living, breathing views of your project. When your model changes, all of your viewports update, too. Say goodbye to exporting a million images out of SketchUp Pro.
  • Make beautiful drawings: LayOut brings the “feel” of SketchUp into 2D space in an incomparably beautiful way. Linework, shadows, textures, text, dimensions, title blocks: all exactly the way you want.
  • Intuitive vector drawing: LayOut’s drawing tools are just like SketchUp’s: simple, smart, and fun. And because everything you draw is vector smart, scaling and rotating can be done with utmost precision.
  • Dimension, detail, explain: Use dimensioning tools that snap to the edges of SketchUp models and quickly set the format, scale, and precision of displayed measurements. Customize callouts via controls for line weight, arrow and stroke style, curved leader lines, font formatting, line spacing… You get the picture, and so will everyone else.

SketchUp Pro 2020 SketchUp Pro


  • Improved the performance of the Components dialog.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur during DAE export.
  • Fixed an issue where the context menu would become incomplete and unresponsive with certain tools.


  • Fixed an issue where you could lose sight of the geometry you are orbiting around in a component with large extents.
  • Fixed an issue where zooming could be too sensitive when zooming inside of a component.
  • Fixed an issue where a concave half-circle offset incorrectly.


  • Updated the Outliner user interface, adding a visibility icon and removing horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Added the ability to toggle the visibility of Objects.
  • Added the ability to identify the Tags visibility state on Objects.
  • Added the ability to “Show Hidden Tags” via a context menu.
  • Added the ability to rename via a double click on the name.
  • (Mac) Changed the selected color in the Outliner hierarchy.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the Outliner content would jump when performing actions via the context menu.


  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the color of a material in the material browser was always black.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where adding transparent material with the Paint Tool duplicated material.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where painting with a duplicated material incorrectly applied the original material.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where Materials -> Selecting a color did not set the material as active.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where copy/paste duplicated materials.


  • Separated View > Hidden Objects and View > Hidden Geometry options.
  • Subcomponent and subgroup visibility state is now saved per scene, instead of across all scenes.


  • Added new unit types (Yards, Gallons, Liters) and Area and Volume precision fields in the Units section of the Model Info dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fractional dimension unit would display an incorrect unit when greyed out.
  • Updated the colors of the Simple Style used in templates and included in the Default Styles library.
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a scene caused multiple parentheses to be added to the scene name.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to a scene name would not be retained if the user used a mouse-click to navigate to another scene name (instead of using Tab).
  • Changed the insertion point of a component to be more predictable – it is always the component origin.
  • Improved consistency in SketchUp’s Export Options dialog titles.
  • Combined the Animation format menu items into one dialog.
  • Removed support for exporting animations in avi, WebM, and ogv file formats. The only supported video file format is now mp4. To create lossless animations, export png files and utilize a 3rd party tool to assemble the images into a video.
  • Provided updates to renewal messaging.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in edges being incorrectly turned off when clicking on a style with a hidden line face style with edges of.
  • Fixed an issue where guides within components could disappear when zooming out.
  • Added a new set of Inference icons.
  • Fixed an issue where the URL for File > Trimble Connect > Launch Trimble Connect was incorrect.
  • Removed the Photo Texture option on the Location toolbar.
  • Added a message to indicate when you have been automatically signed out of your SketchUp account.
  • Fixed an issue where a renamed scene tab was not updated in the Scene details.
  • Corrected a problem where changes to the Model Info Units were not reflected in the Entity Info window.
  • Enlarged the Length field label in the Model Info > Units dialog to prevent translated strings from being truncated.
  • Fixed several incorrect translations in localized languages.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where imported PDFs appeared as black rectangles on macOS Catalina.
  • (Mac) Updated the BugSplat library. As a result, the BugSplat dialog now appears when SketchUp is re-launched after a crash.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where SU was incorrectly prompting to open a recovered, auto-save model.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the large and small icon toolsets did not have the same set of tools.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue when using Color by Tag then changing the Tag color would invoke the Paint Tool.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the Fonts dialog was missing the text alignment buttons.


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