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WALTR 2 helps you wirelessly drag-and-drop any music, ringtones, videos, PDF, and ePub files onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod without iTunes. It is the second major version of Softorino’s critically-acclaimed original WALTR, which solved 2 huge problems for every iOS user: unsupported media-format transfer without installing …

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Waltr 2




Size: 39.5 MB

  • macOS 10.9 or later 64-bit

  • Universal Connection Bridge: Connect any device from the entire lineup of Apple iPods starting from the original iPod Classic built in 2001.
  • Automatic Content Recognition: Unique technology built internally for smart recognition of Music, Movies & TV shows. Apart from artworks, It recognizes and fills in title, genre, episode description, actor information and more.
  • Smart Adaptive Conversion: Softorino’s patented technology that takes any unsupported format and converts it on-the-fly. As a result, all files are adapted for seamless playback and zero quality loss.
  • Any Video On-The-Go: With UHD video support, you can drop any video file and play it directly from the default Videos.app. This even includes formats, such as MKV & AV.
  • Apple Music Compatibility: With no competitors on the market to do this, any music transferred via WALTR for macOS is properly detected in Apple Music.
  • Trim-less Ringtones: You no longer have a 30 second limit on ringtones. Copy Full Songs (M4A) to iPhone as M4R ringtones by simply changing the extension.
  • Full Support for EPUB & PDF: When pushed into the program, your books and documents appear in your iBooks app available from the corresponding tab.
  • Audiobooks Playback: After dropping any M4B audiobook into the drop area, it will magically appear in the native iBooks app.
  • Smart Encoding Detection: No matter what encoding is used in the file’s metadata, It will automatically recognize and re-encode it for proper visibility.
  • Forced Subtitles: Low-level coding technology built specifically for the program allows .SRT &.ASS files to be read natively from the default Videos.app made by Apple.
  • Lightning Fast Speed: When connected via cable, avg. transfer speed is 2GB per 1 Minute!

Waltr Waltr Mac

  • Artworks fixed


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