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Posterino lets casual users and professional photographers create beautiful photo collages from postcard to poster size. The only limit of this ideal photo app is your imagination. Design collages in minutes. Our innovative interface enables a large degree of customization through a variety of templates featuring grid, tiled, circular and random layouts. Adjust frames, filters, and backgrounds to your liking.

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Size: 103.2 MB

  • macOS 10.9 or later 64-bit

  • Customize your work: Tailor each individual image using an image filter (black & white, sepia, sharpening, etc.) to your needs. Alter the frame or shadow of any image; choose from various predefined versions. Or display metadata like name, date, comment to any image.
  • Easy interaction: You needn’t be a tech wiz to produce beautiful photo collages with Posterino. Our innovative interface enables a large degree of customization. Choose from a variety of templates. Decide among grid, irregular and random layouts. And adjust frames, filters, and backgrounds to your liking. Plus changes are accomplished with a single click. Everything in life should be this easy.
  • Share your creations: Share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email or via Messages. Posterino lets you export your document in various formats like JPG, PNG or TIFF. Import your images from Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Adobe Lightroom or from your hard drive.

Posterino 3 Posterino

This update is all about the improved calendar support.


  • You can now use your system calendars (Birthdays, Vacations, etc.) to color the text or background of a day on a Posterino calendar object. Hover over a calendar object and open the popover available in the top right corner to set up this feature.
  • Added new calendar templates: “Square Images + Calendar”, “Vertical Months” and “Geek”.
  • Improved layout and features of the calendar object. E.g. you can now set individual fonts for different parts of the calendar via the Calendar inspector panel.
  • Added additional properties to format the calendar month and weekday.
  • Updated the online help to reflect the changes to the calendar system. I also added a topic on how to add personal events to a Posterino calendar.


  • The huge calendar inspector panel is now broken down to individual parts for Year, Months, Weekdays and Days.
  • Updated all calendar related templates.
  • Some minor user interface adjustments.


  • Handled some minor font substitution issues with the Geek and Windward templates.
  • Solved a problem where parts of a template seam to disappear due to inappropriate scaling of a Padding layer.
  • Handled a situation that could induce a crash when running on pre-Dark Mode versions of macOS.


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